17th September 2018

How to Bring Autumn Hygge into Your Home

How to Bring Autumn Hygge into Your Home

Image: Flamerite Gotham 900 Suite


The crisp chill in the morning air and the leaves starting to gently fall from the trees can only mean that autumn is well and truly on its way. Now is a great time to take stock of the last few months and get your home prepared for the cosy season ahead.


One of the best things about autumn is the cosiness that comes with it, which the Danes are renowned for. Their version of cosy, or “hygge” (pronounced “hoo-gah”) is what it’s all about this season. Hygge means taking pleasure in the small, cosy moments such as reading a good book on a rainy day or spending time with your friends and family at the beach.


So, how do you translate this into the home?


Well, since hygge is a feeling then the first step is to bring in texture. Think fleecy throws and fluffy warm knits. Layers of texture will create a cosier atmosphere to relax in, so don’t hold back! Drape velvet curtains over blinds and bring in sheepskin rugs to ramp up the warmth factor.


Lighting is another key factor in making a space feel more hygge. Trade in overhead lighting for strategically placed lamps. Add strings of fairy lights and groups of scented candles for a really relaxing atmosphere.


Since the colder months mean spending more time inside, bringing nature inside with you is another great way to make your space feel cosier. Arrange potted herbs and indoor plants to purify the air and make it feel more welcoming.


Smells are another way of making your home feel like autumn, so bake up some cinnamon cookies and roast some chestnuts to encourage a feeling of warmth and relaxation. Have a long soak in the tub with some of your favourite scented oils to help you unwind and prepare for the season ahead.


Browse our great selection of beautiful furniture online this season, or head down to our showrooms in Street and Weston-Super-Mare. Alternatively, give us a call on 01458 445555 (Street showrooms) or 01934 626326 (Weston showroom) to speak to our highly experienced, knowledgeable staff ready to help you with all your interior décor needs and requirements.

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13th August 2018

Creating the Perfect Home Office

Creating the Perfect Home Office

(Image: Baker Reclaimed Office Collection in Stucco White/Sundried Ash finish)


The number of people working from home has risen to its highest level since records began, with nearly 20% of the population now choosing to work from the comfort of their own space. Whether you are one of the ‘stay-at-homers’ or if you simply use your home office to get your bills sorted, it’s important to make sure the space is as beautiful and functional as you can make it. Studies show that the space around you can have a huge impact on your productivity, so keeping your office stylish and well-designed will help to boost your efficiency and overall mood. Here are some things to keep in mind when creating your perfect space;


Choosing the right colours can directly affect the way you feel.  According to Wright’s theory, blue stimulates the mind and creates focus, yellow inspires optimism and creativity while green creates a calming balance. Red is good for physical activities as it increases blood flow and heart rate. Whichever colour you choose, make sure to steer clear of beige, brown, purple and orange, as these colours tend to have a depressive effect on workers.


Where is the best place for you to work from? Position yourself in a quiet room where you are unlikely to be disturbed and make sure you can see out of a window or door from your desk as natural light boosts mood and well-being. Corner desks are great for optimising small spaces in an elegant way.


Having enough storage is the key to keeping yourself methodical and efficient. Pick up some pen holders and invest in some beautiful filing cabinets and bookcases to keep your paperwork and projects organised.


Working long hours means spending a huge amount of time sitting down. Investing in a stylish, high-quality office chair will help prevent aches and pains while increasing concentration and focus. Our Baker Reclaimed Office Rotating Office Chair is available in 3 stunning finishes and could be the perfect office chair for your home. Furthermore, it’s currently in our summer sale.


Lighting can make all the difference, particularly if your desk is situated in a gloomy part of the house. Adding an elegant desk lamp will help alleviate eye strain and reduce the chance of headaches. Make sure to avoid any glare from windows behind you, as this can also cause a strain on your eyes.

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20th July 2018

7 of Our Most Stylish Armchairs

The humble armchair has come a very long way since its earliest incarnations of richness and splendour in ancient Egypt. Formerly used as a symbolic article of nobility and grandeur, the armchair has since developed into a comfortable, accessible piece of furniture which everyone can use. This week, we take a look at 7 of the most stylish armchairs which will bring comfort and elegance to your home.


1. Alstons Eden Chair

The Eden Armchair by Alstons is a timeless classic. Available in a superb selection of stunning chenille or tactile velvet fabrics, the model offers compact dimensions so by allowing a touch a elegance to be introduced into even the most demanding of spaces. The complete collection comprises 2 sizes of sofa, a choice of standard or wing chairs, together with a selection of coordinating footstools. The construction features reversible seat and back cushions. The seat cushions are constructed using durable cold-cure foam. The back cushions are filled with soft and comfortable fibre. Like all Alstons furniture, this superb armchair is made-to-order at a factory in Colchester by a team of highly skilled craftsmen and comes with a 10-year guarantee. The Eden is now on special offer in our Summer Sale.


 2. Alstons Stockholm Chair

The Stockholm by Alstons features contemporary styling inspired by the Scandi look. Perfect for the modern home, the Stockholm is a brilliant combination of superb comfort and elegant design. The Stockholm comes in a wide variety of stunning fabrics, scatter cushions as well as a choice of leg and feet finishes, making it the perfect armchair to customise and make your own! The Stockholm is now on special offer in our Summer Sale.


3. Living Homes Kentucky Chair


The super-stylish Kentucky Armchair is the epitome of simplistic chic. The Kentucky is available in a vast array of fabrics and leathers, plus a choice of wenge or natural wooden feet. Furthermore, this fabulous armchair is available in either a fixed or power reclining option. The power reclining models feature a handy integrated USB connection. The Kentucky is now on special offer in our Summer Sale.


4. Parker Knoll Hampton Chair

The elegant Hampton armchair from Parker Knoll forms part of their popular Lifestyle Collection which features contemporary designs & fabrics. The Hampton is available as either fixed, manual or power reclining. Note that the image shows the reclining version of the chair. Established over 148 years ago, Parker Knoll are renowned for designing and developing Sofas and Chairs of the highest possible quality. All the Sofas and Chairs at Parker Knoll are handcrafted in Britain to an extremely high standard, with each piece characterised by its distinctive design and attention to detail. The Hampton is now on special offer in our Summer Sale.


5. Sherborne Keswick Standard Chair

One of our most popular ranges in both fabric and Leather, the Keswick features a beautifully-contoured shape and is designed for exceptional comfort with soft cushioning throughout. The Keswick is available in a comprehensive array of sizes and options, with manual and power reclining actions across the range. Complementing the traditional range of items is a selection of riser recliners which are available in 4 sizes and both single and dual motor versions. Note that all models in the Keswick Collection feature a sectional construction to aid delivery. With 88 years of British furniture manufacturing tradition behind them, Sherborne Upholstery are proud to be British and to employ approximately 240 people directly, with several hundred additional jobs also supported in their supplier companies. The Sherborne is now on special offer in our Summer Sale.


6. Tetrad Constable Wing Chair

The Constable from Tetrad combines luxurious velvet fabrics, beautiful leather and an eclectic mix of scatter cushions, to create a stunning statement. The Tetrad Constable is made to order especially for you in Lancashire by a talented team of British craftsmen and women. The Constable is definitely built to last, so give yourself time to decide on your perfect combination! The Constable is now on special offer in our Summer Sale.


 7. Harris Tweed MacKenzie Armchair


A truly magnificent chair, the MacKenzie is a classic wing chair that is solid, supportive and comfortable. Finished with hand studding and piping detail, the MacKenzie is available in either leather or tweed fabric with leather piping and buttons. The MacKenzie is part of Tetrad's Harris Tweed collection. Combining Tetrads signature expert craftsmanship with the hard-wearing materials, the prestigious Harris Tweed collection exudes quality and style whilst also typifying just what makes Britain great – that wonderful sense of heritage, quality and tradition. The MacKenzie is now on special offer in our Summer Sale.

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9th July 2018

How to Protect Your Furniture from Sun Damage

How to Protect Your Furniture from Sun Damage

(Product in image: Parker Knoll Boston 3 Seater Sofa)

As the heat wave continues, the nation is making the most of long summer days filled with sunshine. After all, the winter lasted for long enough, it’s definitely time for some warmer temperatures!

However, while we might be in need of catching a few rays, our furniture certainly isn’t. The sun can cause all kinds of damage to fabric, wood, and leather, so it is super important to take preventative measures to avoid it so that your furniture lasts as long as you want it to.

Wooden furniture can take quite a beating from the sun’s rays, usually ending up very discoloured. Purchasing furniture which has some form of protection e.g. lacquer or wax, will help minimise the impact, but even this will not prevent it. Covering surfaces such as dining tables with table clothes or other physical barriers will provide the best protection, if it is practical to do so.

Fabrics all react differently to sun damage, so it’s important to determine which type of fabric you are dealing with. Manmade fabrics such as acrylic, polyester and vinyl will withstand far more sun damage than natural materials such as cotton or silk. Damage will also depend on the colour of the fabric, so if you are looking for furniture for a sunny spot, make sure that it has lighter colours and is made from tougher material.

Leather does not stand up to sun damage at all, as it cracks and fades very quickly. The natural oils in the material evaporate in the sunshine, so if you have leather furniture make sure that you regularly use a quality leather conditioner on it.

Of course, where you place the furniture will also have a big impact on how much damage it will endure – keep away from direct sunlight as much as possible or use a window film designed to prevent UV rays from getting through. Rugs will also leave outlines on the floor if not moved around frequently.

Where possible, try to keep curtains or blinds pulled so that direct sunlight does not affect your furniture. You could also consider installing shutters that allow light in but prevent direct rays entering the room.

Remember that the effect of the sunlight itself is only one of the problems caused by the sun. In many instances, damage caused by excessive heat will potentially be more of an issue.

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8th June 2018

A Guide to Occasional Tables

While many rooms focus on a centrepiece dining table or a dramatic piece of wall art, it seems that the humble occasional table is often overlooked. But, rather than being a side-lined support act, lamp tables have a super important role to play in finishing the look of a room. Not only do they provide depth by way of strategically placed lighting, but they can also have a whole host of practical benefits as well.




For homes that are tight on space, nests of tables offer the perfect way to bring additional tables into a room without compromising on space. Ideal for when you have guests! Product in image: Norton Nest of Tables




Lamp tables are also perfect for adding much-needed storage space. Ideal for hiding keys, books, or glasses, the drawers in lamp tables offer a great solution to any homes that are tight on storage. Product in image: Baker Nickel Lamp Table




The great thing about lamp tables is that there is a lamp table to suit all styles! Whether your home has a shabby chic country look, or you prefer your furniture chic and modern, the right lamp table can be the ultimate finishing touch that pulls the whole room together. Product in image: Willis & Gambier Malvern Lamp Table




Occasional Tables are a great way to add an additional layer of lighting to any room, from mood lighting to directional lighting, lamp tables offer a super versatile way of ramping up the wow factor in your home! Product in image: Sutcliffe Trafalgar Hall Table

For the perfect Occasional Table for your home, head on down to our showrooms in Street and Weston-super-Mare where our experienced, knowledgeable staff will provide you with support and the dedicated assistance to help you find the perfect items for every room in the house.

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26th April 2018

5 of Our Favourite Riser Recliner Chairs

5 of Our Favourite Riser Recliner Chairs

Riser recliner chairs are electric armchairs that offer great comfort and accessibility. A riser recliner chair not only reclines but also rises to a near standing position that enables the user to get in and out of the chair with ease. If you suffer with back or mobility problems, a riser recliner chair will provide fantastic comfort whilst helping you stay independent for longer. If you would like to try a riser recliner chair why not come visit our showrooms in Street or Weston-super-Mare. Carefully sourced from well-known and reliable suppliers and manufacturers, you’ll find Manual Recliners, Power Recliners, Riser & Lift Recliners and Relaxer Chairs available in lots of styles, leather and fabric options and colour configurations, to suit all tastes and requirements.  

We have put together a list of 5 of our favourite and best-selling riser recliner chairs that you’ll find in our showrooms and on our website. To see more info on any of the chairs listed below just click on their title (in green).

1. Sherborne Keswick Standard Riser Recliner


One of our most popular riser recliners, in both fabric and leather options. The Keswick features a beautifully-contoured shape and is designed for exceptional comfort with soft cushioning throughout. Available in 4 sizes and both single and dual motor versions. The Keswick is supremely comfortable and built to last. It also features a sectional construction to aid delivery.

2. Sherborne Nevada Standard Riser Recliner

The Nevada is a brand new model from Sherborne. It offers exceptional comfort with its soft, welcoming seat and back design as well as soft 'pillow' arms. Available in 4 sizes and both single and dual motor versions. The Keswick is supremely comfortable and built to last. It also features a sectional construction to aid delivery. 


3. Sherborne Malvern Standard Riser Recliner

The beautifully styled Malvern provides the perfect mix of tradition and comfort. Featuring a traditional wing and elegant scroll arms, the model also offers soft, sumptuous backs in combination with a full chaise construction for optimal comfort. The riser recliner is available in 4 sizes and both single and dual motor versions. An extensive fabric selection provides the finishing touch.   

4. Celebrity Woburn Standard Riser Recliner

The Woburn riser recliner features a classic, deep button-back design combined with scroll arms & wing, It is available in 4 sizes. The Woburn range comprises a selection of sofas & chairs, with all items available in fixed, manual & power reclining versions. 

5. Celebrity Westbury Standard Riser Recliner

Designed for extra comfort with triple pillow back cushions and a choice of real wood ‘grab’ handles, the Westbury is a traditional, yet comfortable recliner. Available in 3 sizes, Grande, Standard and Petite.

If you are thinking of purchasing a Riser Recliner Chair then you could be eligible for Value Added Tax (VAT) exemption.  Most people don’t realise that they qualify. If you would like a VAT exemption form or any advice regarding riser recliner chairs and any other furniture for that matter, then give our highly experienced and knowledgeable staff a call on 01458 445555 (Street showrooms) or 01934 626326 (Weston showroom). Alternatively, send us a message via our Contact Us page. Don't forget you can stay up to date with all our latest news and promotions by signing up to our Mailing List and following our Facebook page.   

30th March 2017

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome

It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to our brand new website. We appreciate that it's been a long time coming, but hopefully you will agree that it will have been worth the wait. As with all websites, our site remains work in progress, as it will constantly evolve and expand to reflect the changing nature of our stores.

Although we hope that you will enjoy viewing the products that we have to offer and research future purchases, we would really like to invite you to visit one of our stores, so that you can see the products for real.

Please take your time to browse our website, but please also pay us a visit in-store.